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The Day After Zorro

mandag, maj 31st, 2004

Big Expectations?I hope not!I am not sure that my life is exciting enough to justify a new entry every day, but then again is yours?It is? Well…. good for you then! I’m just not making any promises (or threats… depending on how you see things)What you can expect when I eventually write something, will be a mixture of situations from my life, pictures I have taken, links found on the internet and what have we.

Sometimes I will even dare to comment on world situations and news.

If I should offend you in any way, it’s almost never intentional, but then again… sometimes it is.

When I get aorund to it, there will be a ThomasB tutorial, where you can learn some more details, on how I function, how often I need polishing and stuff like that.

Cya in surreal life!

1st official entry!

søndag, maj 30th, 2004

Welcome!! Velkommen!!As you might have guessed by now, this is not the official website for the 2006 Para olympic games.

This is merely my humble effort to write a letter or two, in what is known as “The Sandbox of the World Wide Web” (formerly known as Willy Wonkas Warfactory)

In here I will write both some funny stuff, and also my thoughts about the world You and I live in (No! It’s not the same!)

Please be advised that since I’m from Denmark, some of my thoughts might be in Danish.
Translations will be available on request.

Skruk“? you say? Well losely translated it means “Horny Chick” =0)

Feel free to comment everything you see here, but do leave the place as neatly as you found it,

Best Regards
of a lonely heart

PS: If you have any complaints about me having this Online Notepad, please refer to Caledonia … I know I do! =0)